From stylish bathroom fittings to modern lever door handles, J.James & Co offer a large range of  modern architectural accessories.

Our Modern range includes: Bathroom fittings, Bolts, Coat Hooks, Door Stops,  Front Door Snibs, Hinges, Hold Backs, Modern Lever Sets, Pull Handles, Sliding Door hardware, Switches, Window hardware, and more …


J.James & Co’s selection of classic hardware is engineered with modern practicality and a true heritage design.

Our Classic range includes: Classic Knob Sets on Plate and Rose, Classic Lever Sets on Plate and Rose, Door Knockers, Door Stops, Front Door Snibs, Handrail Brackets, Hinges, Letter Flaps, Pull Handles, Push Plates, Rim Locks, Sliding Door and Window hardware, and more …


In addition to our wide selection of architectural gate hardware, we also offer exceptional joinery products to complete your projects seamlessly. From essential hinges that give smooth operation to functional and stylish flaps that enhance convenience, our joinery products are designed to complement our door ware range, ensuring a cohesive and sophisticated finish.

J.James & Co supplies timeless joinery architectural hardware with a range of finishes for cabinets and interiors.

Our Joinery range includes: Antique Furniture Fittings, Cabinet Handles, Cabinet Knobs, Cup Pulls, Glass Cabinet Knobs, Hooks, Porcelain Cabinet Handles, Shelf Brackets, Switches and Sockets, and more …